We have experienced a drop off this season in the amount of girls that are coming to our weekly training sessions during the week. We have been brainstorming ideas to reward the girls that come and also to offer an incentive to get more people at training. We would like to bring a sense of togetherness within our club.

Since our trainings are over dinnertime & parents are also at training, the mix of transporting and having dinner is very complicated and rushed. Some even buy take-away on the way home from training. What we would like to do is offer a healthy meal at the end of training for everyone. Soup, meat & salads, fruit platters, nutritional drinks, sandwich platters. We would advertise it as a family meal night & we believe this would help everyone bond as a club, make girls want to come to training and make the parents bring the girls to training if dinner is provided. We know some girls simply do not make it to training because their parents don’t have time to drive them as they have just finished work & are rushing around to get dinner on the table.

We currently train outside (because it is a lot cheaper) but due to bad weather sometimes it has to be cancelled. We are also wanting to book an indoor court to train at so training can go ahead regardless of the weather and we would like to also occasionally offer some training sessions with specialised coaches that can do a whole club training session. We have done this in the past and it was very successful.

So in short we would be so appreciative of the grant for the following;
– To buy healthy food each week & provide a family meal at training
– Hire indoor courts each week to train at
– A couple of times a session pay for specialised coaches/specialised training session.