Our Club is currently in a transition phase. We have a growing number of young girls coming into the club as some of our older members are starting to retire from Netball. Our A grade side is the youngest side in the competition with ages ranging from 15 to 23. The club is passionate about continually improving and developing our players and coaches. We currently sit between 5th – 7th on the ladder within our association (East Gippsland Football Netball League). We are striving to improve and in order to do this we need new equipment to help us achieve our goal, specifically fitness equipment. Currently the club has a few skipping ropes, 3 sets of weights, some cones, hurdles and very old training bibs. Training sessions can be a challenge as we have very little equipment for all 6 teams training.
We are asking for this grant so that we are able to buy new equipment specifically:
– 6 Agility Hexagons ($26.50 each)
– 5 Agility Harness ($53.50 each)
– 2 Agility Ladders ($29 each)
– 4 Reaction Ball Sets ($19 each)
– Rubber blade squeegee ($169 – Our court is very old and pools water on it, however we do not have the money to resurface it at the moment so we need something to try and fix this problem in the mean time)
– 4 sets of new netball bibs ($45 each the ones we use are very old and don’t fit some of our players as they are too small/tight)
– 10 new training balls (approx $20-30 each)