Broadmeadows Netball Association is solely administered and run by a small and dedicated volunteer committee. In the 40 years we have been in operation, the demographics of our local community have changed significantly. We want to adapt and change to provide an active and vibrant netball competition that is safe and inclusive and meets the diverse needs of our local community.

At the heart of our Association are our umpires. Currently our umpires supply their own uniforms which is a mismatch of different items of white clothing. This grant would allow us to purchase umpire uniforms so that they are easily identifiable and look as professional, unified and passionate on the outside as they are on the inside. It would also be nice to present the new uniforms to our umpires to show them how much we appreciate their contributions to our Association and the local community.

With money from this grant, we could provide our umpires with uniforms without dipping into our very small profit which we prefer to put straight back into our programs, nor will we need to ask our umpires to fund themselves. Our umpiring team is as diverse as the community in which we operate in and is made up of a range of nationalities including approximately 20% Indigenous Australians. Many of whom are students or low income earners who would find it difficult to fund a new uniform themselves.