The HKFNC Netball Courts have deteriorated and the facilities around it aren’t up to standard. Our main focus at the moment is upgrading our score shed and benches on our 2 courts. They are currently situated behind the goal posts on both courts in a small shed – our Team Benches are Beside the small shed with no coverage at all. Our goal is to have the score benches moved to the side of the courts with full covered shed for both Teams and Scorers. This grant will have a huge impact to our club and will see it strive. We also are in need of equipment for our teams. We are very limited in what we have and would gain so much benefit with new equipment. Our club is in line to update all facilities but have been told it is a 10 Year Plan. With no current support or finance behind us we would be able to use your grant to help upgrade and keep up to date with the standards in our league.