We currently have 5 teams within the Kewdale netball club consisting of 42 girls and 2 boys ranging from the ages of 6 – 29 years. We have just purchased new dresses/uniforms for the club however have purchased them as loan uniforms which are to be returned at the end of the season for the following seasons use (to keep costs down for the families as this way we are the only club within the Belmont Netball Association who do not charge for uniforms). It would be ideal if our players could keep these uniforms and we could purchase more as necessary for the following year/s. As we do not want to put financial burden on our families we do not charge for our uniforms, we have purchased these through fundraising and a grant from the Perth Airport. The uniforms/bib sets cost us $3,097.66 altogether. We would love to be able to purchase more to enable each player to keep their uniforms and come back and play for us for years to come and be able to obtain new sizes as they grow with our club.

Ultimately, I would love to grow our club and give every local community member the opportunity to play netball in a fun and safe environment. I would love to be able to organise professional coaching for the girls and boys to give them every opportunity to grow their skills. I would like the club to be able to go and watch the Fever games as a club to really see how wonderful this sport and club can be.

I have only taken over the club this year as it went into Administration and was going to be shut down. It has been a lot of hard work and time to put the club back together however I think it is worth it. My eldest daughter has played within the Kewdale Netball Club for 6 years and I didn’t want the club to close down. Having said that we lost a lot of players due to an ill feeling within the club and this is what I am hoping to change. I want people to want to play within our club and be happy playing a sport which we all love.

I also want to be able to afford to purchase trophies for all our participants at the end of the season and have a wonderful season windup to both congratulate the girls on their season and to thank them all for coming back and playing with us this year. I feel it extremely necessary to also thank the volunteers that we have within our club as without their dedication to the club and players, the club would not be able to succeed.