Rugby is a like a religion in the Kiwi/Pacific Islander communities. With this many girls in our community tend to miss out on playing sport if they have a male sibling in the household. Others barriers in our community are obesity (too big to play), large families (3 or more daughters hard to manage) or simply from low income families (can’t afford it). Our club try hard to break down this barrier to participation and have fostered a significant amount of talent.

Our training equipment is a couple of years old now so purchase of new balls and replacement of old/lost equipment is crucial for the development of our junior players.
Purchase of 10 club dresses for families of 3 or more girls that want to join but can not afford the one off start up expense.
Purchase of 5 club tank tops for players that are male, uncomfortable to identify, or uncomfortable to play in a dress.

We would also run a Umpires mentoring program where our club would create an umpiring pathway for up to 10 current and new players to learn the ins and outs of our game.