Our club uses the facilities at our local high school but there are not enough courts for us. The 20 year old multi-purpose courts have been declared unsafe so we are 7 junior teams using the remaining 2 outdoor courts. We have received a quote to have the multi-purpose courts (200K+) demolished and re-done which includes expanding the present courts by 6m x 2m to meet current court requirements for run-off areas. Included in the quote is considerable earthworks and construction of retaining walls due to the undulating landscape of Maleny.

The scope of our project can be broken down into two parts, earthworks and construction. A Woolworths grant could be applied to either of these projects but we believe the court construction would offer Woolworths a good PR opportunity.
We are pursuing all avenues of fundraising and grant proposals. All funds raised will be matched by Education Qld so we are in the process of completing applications to both Jupiters and Sunshine Coast Council grants. We also have community group like Apex and Rotary that will assist either in funding or man-power. This also means that your $20,000 will actually become $40,000 when matched by the school.