This amount of money would go toward the cost of building two brand new netball courts, with electronic scoreboards and shade cloths over the top. These courts would be used for the senior club, but also the junior court and the primary school that is next to the property. This money would go toward new equipment such as balls and bibs, but also would go toward purchasing new items for training, such as skipping ropes, ladders, cones and other equipment. The money would go toward establishing a pathway for our junior players to be able to access the senior club, where netball programs would be developed and delivered to young players who are interested in participating in the senior club, occurring during the off season. The grant money would also go toward the purchase of new dresses/uniforms for the coming season, as the league has advised that this is a requirement in the coming season, and this would ease the financial burden of our players. This money would also go toward the purchase of medical kits and medical items to assist in the injury management of players.