The $2,000 would go a long way for our small club, currently Northern Parx have 40 girls and boys aged from 12-17 and have found that our budget is unable to keep up with the replacement of equipment. The grant would go towards the development of players and coaches in two ways:
New equipment
Coaching Courses

Northern Parx train outside at a local primary school, Bell Primary. The coaches have found that training on the asphalt ruins our equipment, such as balls, quite quickly and due to the small nature of the club, it is hard to keep up maintaining equipment. Each team currently has 4 balls each and require replacement every couple of months due to the rough surface. With the money, Northern Parx would be able to update each teams equipment and purchase:
A new set of balls, including one game ball for each team
Training bibs
Cones for drills
Another way the grant would go to use is the development of our volunteer coaches via coaching courses. All of our coaches are past players and take the time out of their busy lives to train and coach the kids and it would be great to reward their efforts and improve their skills, group management and learn new coaching techniques and practices.