Oakdale Netball Club would use a $2,000 grant to continue to provide a development program for our players at all levels. Whilst many clubs have special development programs for players in the higher grades, we have worked hard to develop a program that will benefit players across all grades which we try to provide on a no cost basis to players besides their normal training sessions to give all players an opportunity to develop to the highest level they can achieve.

These development programs are often with players who play at the elite level, elite level coaches and special guest coaches.

We also have a lot of younger umpires who would really benefit in their journey to receive some umpiring coaching for their development. Many of our umpires are first or second year so to be able to provide them the opportunity to attend an umpiring clinic as a group and work with mentors would be highly beneficial towards their development and also assist our umpire co-ordinator to provide further training.