If we were to be successful in gaining a $20,000 grant we would use this for a second netball court.
Currently we are one of 5 clubs out of 11 within our league without a second court. This is impacting strongly on our current netball community. Due to the demand of excess girls wanting to participate in netball our league has wanted to introduce another grade into our competition, however having only one court does not allow time for all games to be played within realistic times. Noting teams can travel up to an hour to play.

Currently we start at 8.10 with our Little Warriors (Netta) and have 3 other junior and 3 senior teams, meaning last game at 3pm. Making for a huge day for all involved. We currently struggle to coordinate training times for all our grades. With teams having to rotate training times each week so everyone can get court time for training. With one team needing to train away from the club. (this involves renting an indoor court at quite a large cost to the club) Resulting in disruption for players, parents and club officials.

Therefore such a grant would be perfect to bring our club community together again!