The grant money would be used to assist with the purchase new uniforms for the Olympics Netball Club. The club has had its current uniform for the past 15 years and it is quite outdated compared to the rest of the clubs in the Narrogin & Districts Netball Association. The club surveyed its membership in 2019, with 69% of members wishing for a change in uniform, specifically to change to a netball dress.
The grant would serve two purposes for the club. Initially, it would assist in providing the capital for the club to purchase the uniforms outright at time of ordering, which provides financial relief for the club whilst we allow some of our members to pay by installments or on a payment plan. The grant would also allow the club to subsidise the uniforms to an extent, providing more financial relief for our membership base. Individuals and families in Narrogin have incomes below the national average (as at the 2016 census), and with some members have themselves and multiple children registered, it can make the participation in the sport difficult from a financial standpoint. We also have many members who utilise the WA State Government Kidsport Scheme to cover the club’s registration costs and for whom an additional uniform cost would impact on their ability to participate in the sport. Currently the club is sourcing quotes from uniform manufacturers, with estimates for costs varying between $50-$95. If this were applied to the club’s 2019 membership base, the total cost would be $3000-$5700.