Football clubs generally operate a gate at their home games and generate income for their respective clubs from that, amongst other initiatives. Netball clubs do the same where they can, but several clubs have outside courts, with no perimeter fencing and no way to control a gate. These same fledgling or struggling Netball clubs do not have decent amenities, insufficient ablutions, not enough volunteers to assist in gameday activities, and questionable court facilities and seating.

When clubs approach the League for inclusion, the PFNL extend whatever funding we can to these clubs in the form of subsidies to administration fees, start-up funding, lobbying upon their behalf with respective councils and municipalities and a host of other support activities.

This funding would be distributed over the entire League – not equally, but on an as-needs basis to support such inclusions as assistance to perimeter-fence grounds that do not already have this, so they can become self-sufficient (to a certain extent), to subsidise Netball uniforms and provide club training equipment, assist in representative team travel and accommodation, and hopefully to assist in raising the standards of court conditions and facilities.