Piara Waters Netball Club (PWNC) is located in a new and rapidly growing region of the Perth Metro area full of young families. Since our inauguration 5 years ago we have seen our club grow from 3 teams to now 9 teams. By providing your support to our club it will assist us in providing additional training equipment and investment into valuable coaching enrichment courses.
Equipment & Coaches courses
Equipment – whilst our club has a focus on building ball skills more importantly it aspires to improve overall fitness and well being of our players. Fostering programs for our players to support their developing bodies whilst also building correct movement skills which will aid in the limiting the risk of injuries.
Items PWNC are keen to add to our equipment cache include yoga mats for stretching exercise tutorials, skipping ropes, agility ladders and GPS Trackers for our all players to improve their cardio fitness levels.
Coaching Development courses – PWNC support the on going development of our passionate volunteer coaches by providing access to up to date quality training programs. These programs encourage and promote not only improvements on approach to skills training but also to how to enhance their communication, group management and inclusive coaching practices.