The $20,000 would be put towards the construction of a new Netball Court including lights, fencing, all abilities access ramp and player/scorers shelters. We currently have 2 netball courts which we are in a shared space with the local tennis club, unfortunately due to the limitations of the available area the run/safety zones surrounding our netball courts do not meet the minimum requirements expected. The current lighting is below the lux levels required making netball training and night tennis difficult, also the light poles are difficult to access with one in particular being very close to the high voltage street wires. As the lights are failing it is near impossible to replace them so the replacement of these is a high priority for the use of the courts .

Our plan is to construct a new area approx 37m2 which would accommodate a new fully compliant netball court (the area would also include 2 marked tennis courts) plus all of the associated infrastructure listed above.