We are a proud netball club, contributing to the development of netball in Diamond Creek and surrounding areas for over 30 years. Our inclusive vision is a strong family oriented netball community that provides opportunities for all in a fun and safe environment. To achieve our vision we actively try and keep fees as low as possible to get as many people as possible involved.

We typically spend as little as possible on equipment including training balls. We also don’t have anywhere to store our training balls so coaches are taking them home. Most of our training balls need to be replaced each year given their low quality, the coaches training bags also are in much need of upgrade. We also only have 3 training balls per team. We would use this grant to purchase more and better quality training balls for our 20 teams as well as some bags for coaches to transport them to and from training each week.

We are also proud of the relationship with have with local businesses who donate player of the day awards for our teams. The player of the day awards are loved by everyone. Unfortunately we typically run out for our U17/19 teams. We would also use some of the funds to provide a player of the day award for our U17/19 teams, which are actually the players we want to continue to encourage to stay in sport!