The Shepparton Swans have 5 teams in the Goulbourn Valley League and support the local Shepparton Netball Association with 2 to 3 teams playing each week during winter and 1 to 2 teams over summer.
We would spend the grant money on new netball dresses for our 70 odd netballers, our current dresses are 5 plus years old and have faded over time with constant washing each week during the season. this also gives us a chance to modernise the design for the girls and make them a more attractive style.
The overall cost of these dresses would be $75.00 each so the overall cost is in excess of $5000.00 which will be to large a cost for the club to cover and therefore the cost would have to be passed onto players, many of whom are still at school or university while others are just starting out in their working lives and do not have a lot of money.