Currently we are part of an 18 round plus finals league. Our club fields 6 netball teams ranging from under 13 netball up to open senior grades. our club also assists in the running of the net-set-go program that is open to young kinds aged 6-9 years old. Because of this we require two operating netball courts to safely play the game we enjoy. Our current courts are over ten years old and year by year are becoming more and more dangerous. Currently when set the surface is slippery and would not pass the required safety ‘grip’ test. Our quote to have our courts resurfaced are in excess of $30 000. Each year as a netball club we fundraise money to attempt to meet the $30,000 target, however in our small rural community reaching this target is becoming more and more difficult. Our courts are now in a dire state, this $20,000 would mean we are able to reach our target and have our courts resurfaced. Ultimately these courts are not only for our use but the whole community too, including for tennis programs over the summer.