Our club is only 3 years young. We would love to be able to expand our club into the wider community (outside our feeder school). This grants would help raise the standards in our club internally in terms of the programs we run and the quality the programs we deliver. If we received this grant and were able to expand our club (which has grown from 1 team 3 years ago (2016) to 7-8 teams a season currently) we would be able to invest more money into accessing more coaches, improving current coaching standards (we currently have over 10 student coaches (aged between 14-18)), providing NetSetGo to younger up and coming netballers and providing quality training and game day equipment.

Our feeder school- St Andrews Christian College currently has a high multi-cultural background where netball is a fun new sport that many of the netballers parents have not been exposed to. This means that often it can be hard to get parent involvement and we rely heavily on student coaches to support us. This grant would help us find avenues to engage our parents, expand the opportunities of these younger netballers from multi-cultural backgrounds so that we can engage more girls (potentially boys/all-abilities) in netball. This would also help bring about the social, physical and psychological benefits a team sport like this brings to a community.