We could get new netball posts as these are all broken, we could get new training bibs for the girls, (letters are fading off them) we could get new balls for the girls, this year we had them donated and it was fantastic but yes they were used and old and just went flat, but was appreciated.
We could even get St Luke’s netball jackets so we look like the other clubs. Our coaches and managers could get St Luke’s shirts. Of course the $20,000 grant would be amazing however we are use to only having what we have and would be great full for anything.
Maybe even a cheap blower to help remove the sand of the courts the girls train on so they stop slipping and hurting themselves.
Proper bags to put the balls in (at the moment they are in bed sheets.
Pumps, first aid equipment to go in the boxes. All our bibs are just in glad wrap bags.