Tarrawingee FNC under 15’s netball commenced approx 3 years ago. Previously we had two development teams that played in the Wangaratta Netball Association Saturday competition, when the Development teams first began approx 6 years ago, the club purchased 20 new dresses for those girls in the same colours as our club but different pattern. Initially the Ovens and King FNL allowed our under 15’s to use these dresses, but we have now been advised that commencing from season 2020 we must have all of our netball teams in the same dresses, therefore we will need to purchase at least 10 additional uniforms for our players to borrow.
If funds remained we would like to put a fencing screen at the end of the court that faces the carpark, so that when the ball goes off court at that time we don’t need to have players crawling under cars or running into the car park to retrieve the balls.