We would like to run a Coach and Player Development Program. All coaches are volunteers who strive to be the best they can and by investing money in their development they can continue their coaching for many years to come. We pay for the coaches to undertake an online course, however, we would like to run face to face coaching workshops with an experienced coach. As a coach you need to learn from an experienced coach that can show you how to perform drills and what to look for in relation to the response from the player. Has the player executed the drill correctly? How do you improve their execution? How do you spot any weaknesses in the way the players executes the drill? How do you get your team to work on set plays? How do you use their body to protect the ball? How do you show your players how to move around the court correctly, to find space and make good decisions? None of these skills can be taught online. You need to have face to face coaching so that you can be taught how to perform these skills and ask questions. Most of our coaches are youths and this will help them to build confidence, resilience and provide leadership skills.