We place strong value on the health and well-being of our players and members of the netball club community, particularly the junior girls who are growing and developing. We recently held a nutrition talk by a local dietitian (who volunteered her time) to educate our players to make informed choices when it comes to fuelling their bodies before and after netball, as well as make healthy food choices for overall well-being. This talk has uncovered a need to further educate and develop skills around making nutritious food choices.

We would use this grant to build nutrition knowledge and skills within our playing group, by utilising additional dietitian services (for example; cooking classes or supermarket tours).

We would also use the grant to provide healthy snacks to have available at the club for the girls coming straight from school to training (some of which are training on an empty stomach), as well as healthy recovery snacks for game day. We would involve our netballers in shopping for these items (at our nearest Woolworths store in Kooweerup) or ingredients to make quick & healthy snack options (such as bliss balls or smoothies), with the guidance of a dietitian.

We welcome any support and feel as though we have an opportunity to make a difference to the health of our playing group and wider netball community through building nutrition knowledge & skills.