Venetians Netball Club has a strong focus on developing well-rounded players and coaches for the netball community. We are based at Wanneroo Districts Netball Association and our players participate in programs run by the association and state. As with any sport, there is a risk of injury for our players when they take the court. There is a burden associated with being sidelined and kids can feel disheartened and frustrated if they cannot play the game they love. There is also a financial obligation to their families when injuries occur which can cause additional stress. In some cases we find that our players do not get treatment because of the cost associated with visiting a physiotherapist. In 2018 we formed a partnership with Darch Physio who offer a priority service for our members and at a discounted price and this partnership will continue in 2020. However, in most cases injuries are preventable and we would like to prioritize injury prevention education for our members in 2020 to lower the risk of injury and therefore the burden of being sidelined. We are forming a partnership with Mandy Hopper at MH Performance who runs a netball academy for strength and conditioning. We already have members who are in the program and we would like to engage more of our members by subsidizing a portion of the cost of a 12 week strength and conditioning program in the preseason. In this program, individuals will undergo an initial screening and a program will be catered for their specific needs under the guidance of Mandy Hopper. Players will be given a program which includes an at home component with one session in the gym with one of Mandy’s trainers. The program will aim to decrease muscular imbalances, improve strength, speed and power and in the process alleviate ankle and knee pain. The grant would allow us to put through 30 of our players between the age of 12 – 15 with minimal out of pocket cost for the family. It would also allow us to put our coaches through some training on injury prevention and how they can include aspects of strength and conditioning in their sessions and warm ups. We hope that this money will promote the important of strength and conditioning in the netball community and prioritize injury prevention.